March and April 2014 at PMIC

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We have been away from this space over a year now. Yes work took a toll and we got busy with several assignments. We got so busy with designing PPT, facilitating trainings, meeting prospects and travelling that blogging took a back seat. However 2014 is a year miracles and miracles have started to unfold- we are back here to share our experiences as we sail through this special year. March and April have been great work month for us at PMIC. 10th March being international Women’s day we were invited by several clients to speak on – Importance of Inner image, corporate grooming,...

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Workshop in Nashik

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Located in a serene landscpae about 20 kims from Nashik towards Mumbai is ThyssenKrupp Electrical Steel India Private  Limited – One of the Cold Rolled Electrical Steel Manufacturer in India. The company has an unique product portfolio and is strategically positioned in one of the rapidly growing markets in World. I was lucky to visit this company and spend 3 nights in their campus guest house, which is like a 5 star resort in a hill station. One of the best stay experiences so far. I conducted two workshops for the employee – Personality development and Presentation skills....

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Team Building Workshop

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I had immense fun conducting another Team Building workshop for the employees of Rainbow Housing, Pune on 8th Dec 2012. The objectives of the workshop were to: Understand the Essentials of an Effective Team Understand Barriers to Effective Teamwork Understand People in a Team Understand Stages in Team Building Understand What Effective Teams do Build Trust amidst team members Learn Conflict Management in Teams A team is any group of people organized to work together interdependently and cooperatively to meet the needs of their customers by accomplishing a purpose and goals. A team works most...

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Team Building

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A team is a group of individuals working together to achieve a common goal. Team bonding is imperative for a team to exist effectively and perform to its optimum potential. Team bonding is about building trust and respecting team members. I had the honor and privilege to conduct team building activities for the Ishwar Parmar Group, one of the leading construction houses of Pune. This was done during their annual office picnic. The employees were taken to a serene location, far from the hustle bustle of Pune. Rainbow Farms is located in the foothills of Shri Shetra Bhandara, a place which is...

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