It was a special moment of privilege and honor for me – I was invited as a guest speaker to address the participants of the Lokmat Yuva Nxt forum on the 28Th of Oct 2012 and as a judge for the grand finale on 29th of Oct 2012. Lokmat’s Yuva Nxt is a forum for the youth. I was there to speak on “How to create a great first impression.” I had a great time interacting with the participants who had travelled from different parts of Maharashtra for the contest. I spoke to them about the visual components of Image – clothing, grooming, body language, etiquette and verbal communication. I gave them easy tips that they could follow to present themselves with poise and confidence. We also did practice sessions on making an impressive introduction.

Few tips to remember when introducing yourself:

  • Avoid words like – basically and myself.
  • Avoid talking about “My profession” – people have perceptions about a profession.
  •  Paint a picture in your introduction – Pictures are more memorable than text. Say something unique and interesting about yourself. Something that catches people off guard. They will have a better impession or memory about you since you shifted them from their curt mentality and expectation.
  • Mark your pace
  • Mind your body language.

The grand finale was a spectacular event. I had the priviledge to share space with some very interesting people. Overall it was an experience to remember.

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